Be Smart! Get A Landscape Evaluation.

We've seen it a million times: a person has purchased their dream home with a plan to create a dream landscape, only to find out there's legal or environmental limitations making that impossible. Had they known what they could and couldn't do with the outdoor space beforehand, they may have decided against buying the house. But now they're stuck with a decision they ultimately regret. 

Often these situations are the result of insufficient research and poor transparency between various parties. But even with a proactive realtor and cautious outlook, it's difficult to know what to look for or where to find the information you need. For instance, how would you find out whether a newly established flood plain boundary is slated to run adjacent to your land, preventing any future impervious surfaces(walkways, pool decks, courtyards, driveways, etc) from being constructed? How would you determine whether or not the slope of your backyard could be adjusted without ruining your existing tree line or flooding your basement? There are many factors that determine your ability to change the exterior of your home in any significant way, and it's essential you are sure what you're getting before you purchase. 

That's where we come in. As a landscape design and build firm with over 30 years of regional experience, we know exactly what could go wrong and how to make sure you avoid the potential pitfalls. Our pre-purchase land evaluation includes a quick, but thorough examination of any and all plans held by the township, a follow-up with the engineer and county authorities, and a survey of the potential purchase property. All of this is then presented to you during a consultation in which we discuss the limits and possibilities of the home's exterior landscape, leaving you informed and confident that you're making the right decision by purchasing or passing on the property. 

Call today to ensure the house of your future includes a future for its landscape.