Fusion Inspired By Nature 

A Contemporary Spin on the Traditional English Garden

To a passerby, the garden built into the slope of this Bryn Mawr home may appear simply gorgeous, but to the trained eye it is something more: a fluid dance between traditional English garden styles and contemporary eco-forward plantings. This blended approach, taken by our Associate Designer C.J. Palmer, helped create a functional greenscape that delights the eyes year round. Inspired by the work of Piet Oudolf, a prolific Dutch garden designer known for his use of perennials, C.J. envisioned plantings that not only “played well” together but looked beautiful even in their dormant period too.

Scarlet O’Hara – Peony

Japanese Maple


There are no rules

Well, we should say there are design fundamentals such as understanding the most dominant, existing structure within the garden: the home. And working as conscientiously as we do at Terren, we take this principle a step further to recognize who lives inside, the client. This is where the heart of the design truly is. The aesthetic of a green scape should work well to compliment those who see it everyday and this is why we say there are no rules, it just has to feel right for the client. It takes a true professional to make the relationship between the home and the land work and often times that means finding a right way to bend and brake the rules to make way for something that is not only contextual but unique to the homeowner.

Working with Inspiration

Just as most masterpieces are created from the heart and mind of an inspired artist, the same can be said of a Landscape Designer. Looking at C.J.’s work one can see that she is inspired by the greats. Among her biggest influences is Piet Oudolf, whose method seems to point towards movement, depth and providing structure to surrounding plants. Some would even say it is very architectural in nature because of the plant selection. Peering in, you discover layers like flowering perennials, ornamental grasses, and evergreen shrubs. You may even see a plant that while in a dormant stage and not “blossoming”, will feature a distinct seed head, leaf shape, or growth pattern that shifts the entire focal point. Landscape design is an art form unlike any other requiring talent and knowledge to successfully work with a live medium that changes every season.

Working with You

At Terren we understand a successful landscape begins with the ability to connect not just with the work at hand but also who we do it for. A designer who works with you is the biggest benefit to trusting your property to a professional. Not only are we proficient in horticulture, soil biology, and plant engineering, we take the time to understand you and your green space in order to concept and produce great design.

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