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What Is Eco-Friendly Landscaping?

We’ve all become more conscious of our effect on the environment in recent years. While our Mid-Atlantic region has not seen fires and hurricanes like the southern and western United States, we are experiencing a huge jump in precipitation levels, diminishing and dirtied water supplies, unhealthy air quality, higher temperatures and more.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and conclude that individual actions don’t make any difference–but they do! Homeowners that decide to go green with fully-electric landscape maintenance save tons of gasoline-emissions from entering the atmosphere each year. Likewise, switching to organic turf care and weed control greatly reduces your contribution to the pesticide and herbicide buildup in our water supply.

Adding runoff prevention features to your landscape, like rain gardens and bioswales, is also extremely effective at reducing your carbon footprint. Together with organic options and fully-electric maintenance, you can make your landscape as environmentally-friendly as possible. And when your neighbors start to catch on, you’ll be able to look back knowing that your individual actions made quite the difference after all.

Look below to read more about our unique services. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know! We’re always looking for new ways to do our part.

Our Eco-Friendly Services

Full-Electric Maintenance


Battery-power is the future—and the present. Unlike five to ten years ago, electric-only landscape maintenance is now cost-effective, efficient and—in numerous municipalities and HOAs across the US—the only option you have. Advancements in lithium ion technology have made battery-powered hedge-trimmers, string-trimmers, mowers, blowers, and chainsaws fully competitive with their gas-powered equivalents. As such, we’re now able to provide full-service landscape maintenance without any fossil fuels at all.

The greatest benefits are reduced emissions and lower noise. Without loud, intrusive backpack blowers and mowers, landscape maintenance can be performed quietly, without dirtying the air or leaving smog in your neighborhood.

Interested? Get in touch to learn more about our green-energy, eco-crews!

Pet-Safe & Organic Turf Care


Since 2013, we’ve offered hybrid and full-organic turf care programs in addition to our conventional plans. Over time, we’ve kept up with scientific research, tested our techniques and processes in the field and increased efficiencies all around. This continuous effort has helped us perfect an all-natural, pet-safe, and eco-friendly lawn care program at an affordable rate. And if a fully-organic turf care program isn’t what you’re looking for—that’s okay. We’ve got a balanced, hybrid-organic program and traditional turf care options too!




What if you’re lawn looked freshly cut 24/7? With new automower technology, it can! These little, Roomba-esque machines have just begun to hit the US market in recent years, and we predict they will eventually become the norm. Why? Because they’re quiet, emission-free, and probably the best possible way to maintain your lawn. By cutting just a small amount off the top each day or night and using the minuscule clippings as fertilizer, automowers encourage vigorous growth and keep your lawn beautiful all season long.

Sustainable Landscape Design


Sustainable landscape design has become increasingly popular over the past 20-30 years, with a growing environmental consciousness influencing homeowners and landscapers to consider how their landscape affects, or is affected by, our rapidly changing climate. In southeastern Pennsylvania, excessive precipitation and extreme storm events are the largest issue, meaning most of our sustainable design and installation work focuses around yard drainage solutions, such as rain gardens and bioswales, that reduce runoff and water usage. But other endeavors, such as only using native plant species or pollinator-friendly plant varieties, are a continuing focus as well. With so much at stake, there’s never been a better time to make sustainability a priority on your landscape too.

Roundup-Free Weed Control


While the general consensus among experts seems to be that glyphosate (the main chemical used in Roundup), is not unsafe for use on residential properties, many feel it is better to stay away regardless, especially if they’ve seen any of the many documentaries about Roundup’s controversial parent company, Monsanto. We at Terren agree that switching to organic solutions, such as Earth’s Alley Organic Weed Killer (a very effective substitute!), is the best way forward, even if the jury is still out on glyphosate. In our opinion, it just makes sense to go natural wherever possible, meaning as of 2020, we’re now Roundup-free! Just another reason Terren’s eco-landscaping is the real deal!

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