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Top-notch landscape maintenance and professional lawn care services in and around Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs. 

What Can Terren Do For You?

As one of the premier landscape maintenance companies operating in and around Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs, Terren Landscapes is well known for providing high-end lawn and garden care to the finest properties around, including both large and small residential landscapes and commercial properties.

Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

As a maintenance client at Terren, you’ll be assigned an experienced account manager to keep your landscape perfectly-manicured year-round. With responsive customer service, regular quality checks and proactive disease and pest management, you’ll finally be able to rest easy without worrying about what’s going on outside your door.

Full-Time Customer Service and Easy Payment Options

We know how stressful getting in touch with a contractor can be–especially when you’ve got an issue they’re in no hurry to address! At Terren, our full-time office staff takes care of that problem, providing responsive customer service and billing management whenever you need it–with a friendly demeanor too!

Early Access to Cutting-Edge Landscape Technology & Research

We pride ourselves on being the most innovative, up-to-date landscaper in southeastern Pennsylvania. With access to low-emission eco crews, organic turf programs, new robotic mowers and more, Terren’s full-service maintenance customers are always the first on the block to have the newest toys.

Landscape Design, Build and Repair Services With Zero Minimum Charge!

Ever wish your landscape maintenance company could also fix your walkway or create a little perennial garden for you? At Terren, our annual maintenance clients have unfettered access to landscape design, build and repair services— without the minimum charge and long wait time required of non-customers.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Starting in mid-April, we perform weekly mowing services for customers all throughout Philadelphia’s Main Line. Our lawn care is known for being quick, precise and on time each week. During each lawn mowing visit, we also use string trimmers to edge the perimeter of your lawn and tidy up around trees and posts. After mowing and trimming services are performed, we blow grass clippings off of all walks, drives and patios, making sure all is clean and well-manicured before we leave. A weekly weeding service can also be included at each mowing visit upon request.

Leaf Removal & Yard Clean-Ups

Every homeowner knows the true meaning of falling leaves: hard work. Aside from being nice to look at, autumn foliage causes numerous problems horticulturally, aesthetically, and otherwise. For this reason, removal and disposal of leaves and debris is an essential landscaping service. Lucky for you, our spring and fall leaf removal and yard cleanup services are some of the most efficient around, with leaf blowing, vacuuming and disposal included with each visit. We also blow out dead grass, cut ornamental grasses and remove all twigs and fallen limbs from your yard. This ensures a neat and well-maintained appearance throughout the holiday season and again each spring.

Fine Gardening & Plant Care

Keeping your shrubs, perennials, annuals and trees happy each season can be difficult without the time and expertise us plant care specialists have. With multiple horticultural experts on staff, we regularly diagnose and fix problems caused by plant diseases, pests, nutrient deficiencies and other abiotic or biotic factors. Using carefully-timed fertilizer applications, advanced pruning techniques and over 35 years of experience providing horticultural services, we’re able to keep your yard and garden beautiful year round.

Comprehensive Turf Care

Terren Landscapes has been providing full season turf care to customers on the Main Line for over 30 years. Our programs are carefully and specifically designed for this region by experienced turf experts using all the current academic research as their guide. With customizable treatment plans encompassing the full spectrum of turf management, Terren Landscapes provides fertilization, weed/pest control, soil testing, lime/gypsum treatments, aeration and more. Whether you’re looking for a straight-forward fix to a failing lawn or a 100% organic, pet-friendly treatment program, our technicians are happy to work with you to get a healthy lawn you’ll be proud to call your own.

Mulch Applications

We pride ourselves on providing mulching services and installation that goes above and beyond what other mulching companies offer. Before spreading anything, we go in with string trimmers and spades to carefully refresh your bed edges and clear any weeds, both by hand and with pre-emergent weed control applications. Once all that is done, we come to install the landscape mulch of your choosing, carefully applying a 2-3 inch layer without covering vulnerable plants or tree trunks. This simple and effective procedure does wonders for your plants, which might otherwise struggle to stay cool and hydrated over the summer and warm in the winter. For large properties, we also offer mulch blowing services to speed up the process and reduce costs.

Hedge, Shrub & Tree Trimming

Professional hedge trimming may not be offered by most landscaping companies on the Main Line, but at Terren it’s one of our key services. At the appropriate times, we hand-prune, hand shear and shape all small trees and shrubs on your property, giving your landscape a neat, manicured look you’ll love. Boxwood pruning, deadheading and cutbacks are also provided at the same time, or in separate visits depending on the property. Removal and disposal of cuttings is included.

Weed & Pest Control

Weeds growing in your lawn, garden or through cracks in your driveway and walk are both unsightly and harmful to your landscape. In your lawn, they’ll spread like wildfire, choking out your green grass until there’s none left. And in your gardens, they’ll create an overgrown mess while stealing valuable resources from and stunting the growth of your prized perennials. At Terren, we provide weed control and weed removal services for your entire landscape, utilizing non-toxic (zero Roundup!) herbicide sprays, pre-emergent weed control applications and hand-weeding to ensure your lawn and garden look nice and neat all season long. Pest control services, like deer spray applications, are also offered.

Advanced Pruning

Advanced pruning, also known as “visionary” or “corrective” pruning, is a service only those with experience and education can provide. Our team has exactly that, and with their help, you can have your crepe myrtles, roses, hydrangeas, japanese maples and other trees, shrubs or perennials pruned to perfection, ensuring proper growth and plentiful blooms each year. In addition, we’re also able to shape and train your plants in unique and artistic ways, creating eye-grabbing landscape features that get more impressive each year.


Ever drive past a beautiful landscape full of luscious flowers wondering why yours never look quite as nice? Unless there’s an issue with water or sunlight, the cause is likely a lack of nutrients in the soil. Without enough nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium (the three nutrients represented by the numbers on bags of fertilizer), plants have a difficult time producing the blooms and vegetative growth you’re looking for. Our tree, shrub, perennial and annual fertilization services are carefully designed to combat this issue, giving your landscapes the nutrients they need to reach their full potential. Lawn fertilization services are also included in our organic, hybrid-organic and traditional turf care programs.

Miscellaneous Landscape Maintenance Services

In addition to the landscaping services above, we’re also able to provide just about any unique or one-off service your landscape might require. This includes everything from winterizing a fountain each year to replacing a few dead plants before your next big event. Our experience and expertise with all aspects of landscape design, installation and maintenance makes us fully equipped to handle just about everything you can think of—not something your average landscaper can say!


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Spring & Fall Clean-ups


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Hedge Trimming Services


Shrub & Tree Trimming Services


Advanced Corrective Pruning


Snow Removal & Ice Treatment


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Plant Care & Horticultural Services


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“Just wanted to let you guys know how nice your crews are! Today I was running on Mt. Pleasant where you had a big crew blowing leaves. The 3 guys in the street all stopped to let me go by without breathing in leaf debris. It was very nice of them and believe me, not every landscaping crew does that. Thought you’d like to know.”

— Villanova Resident

“I am still amazed at your maintenance, what took me so long to find you?”

— Main Line Resident

“Just wanted to write to say how happy we are with all the work you did on Wednesday! The yard looks so much better and we love the Christmas planters. You do amazing work!”

— Bryn Mawr Resident

“I want to thank everyone at Terren for everything you do for us…excellence is the word!!”

— Main Line Resident

Service Area

Terren Landscapes operates primarily within and slightly outside of Philadelphia’s Main Line Suburbs. This includes Radnor, Gladwyne, Lower Merion Twp, Bala Cynwyd, Villanova, King of Prussia, Chestnut Hill, Haverford, Ardmore, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Narberth, Paoli, Devon, Newtown Square, Media, Wayne and anywhere else within a 10-20 mile radius of the Main Line.

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