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Terren Landscapes has been providing full season turf care to customers on the Main Line for over 30 years. Our programs are carefully and specifically designed for this region by experienced turf experts using all the current academic research as their guide. With customizable treatment plans encompassing the full spectrum of turf management, they provide fertilization, weed/pest control, soil testing, lime/gypsum treatments, aeration and more.

Whether you’re looking for a straight-forward fix to a failing lawn or a 100% organic, pet-friendly treatment program, our technicians are happy to work with you to get a healthy lawn you’ll be proud to call your own.

Read About Our Options And See Which Works Best For You


Our time-proven conventional turf program is a sure-bet, designed to be uniquely adapted to each property and its specific needs so that your lawn can be treated and maintained effectively and economically. With pinpointed weed/grub control applications, fertilizers, aeration, and more, this battle-hardened program gets even the most unruly lawns under control.


Want to reduce the number of synthetic products in your lawn care without the price tag of a totally organic program? Then our hybrid service, which bridges the gap between conventional and all-natural, is a great choice. Incorporating key strategies and materials from each, it helps provide a transitional period or permanent middle-ground for the customer who likes their service just right.


This all natural eco-friendly program focuses on creating a biologically diverse and healthy soil system without relying on traditionally used synthetic materials and chemical processes. By utilizing timed applications of organic fertilizers fortified with beneficial microorganisms instead, we create healthy, sustainable lawns for customers interested in pet-safe and pesticide free solutions.

What People Are Saying

“My lawn has never looked better. There are absolutely no weeds in the Spring. The lawn is green and lush at times when other lawns are brown and burnt out during the harsh, dry summer months. Whenever I get the monthly service the technicians are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and willing to spend the necessary time talking with me. I find the cost for this wonderful service to be most reasonable. When one can have on of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood, it reinforces my decision of using Terren Landscapes.” — Gil, Wynnewood, PA

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your crew for their hard work today. The yard looks great! People always compliment how good our grass looks and I always give you guys the credit.” — Tim, Ardmore, PA

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